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Christina R. Post
February 28, 2016
Please keep me in prayer. I am taking pain killers that I am now addicted to. I also just found out that I have a ruptured disk between 11 & 12 in my spine and 2 bulging disks that are now bulging behind my spinal cord and the bones in my spine. I am in constant pain and my orthopedic surgeon that I see told me that the ruptured disk should be operated on but my chances of coming out of surgery walking are basically slim to none. I will most likely be paralyzed and that no surgeon will attempt the surgery. They also told me that the DEA wants them to start taking patients off the pain killers. I dont know what to do. I dont feel like i am able to get off of them on my own but i dont have the money to get the help i need. Im unable to find a job that will deal with all of my appointments and days that im in excruciating pain. I was told by disability that i will be denied because I am physically able to work. I need help please.
Reginal Y. Post
December 10, 2015
Grace and peace from our Lord and Savior Jesus, let continue to be in prayer with the Pastor and First Lady Brodie, that God continues to grant them favor and that they are blessed going and coming.

Let us continue to pray for the recent tragedy in San Bernardino, we bind satan and his forces and we pray for comfort for the families of the victims, so many were taken too soon God Bless.
Martha M. Post
October 13, 2013
Pastor Brodie,
Please prayer for my family and for healing for me, I have been diagnose with a Pituitary tumor, symptoms are getting out of control, also need prayer for my Financial situation and for a transportation, I also want to attened to the CNA training and a better my living standards putting God first. Thank you and God bless you and all your congregation.
Shawna P. Post
October 3, 2013
Please pray for me and my children that we soon find residence in rialto, Fontana or one of the surrounding cities all our own where we can be closer to church, school and our other necessities. I also am seeking prayer to find employment in the area that will work with my school hours and benefit from my character and educational contribution. I also ask for prayer for the relationship of my family. I pray that Satan is bound and none of his tricks or schemes work to destroy us any further and that we all start on the healing process remembering that one is not better than the other. But most importantly I pray tat the Lord's will will be done through us, to us and all around us!
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 6, 2013
Please pray for my husband lungs to get strong and healthy so he can have a surgery in his aorta,the doctors found 2 aneurysm in his aorta,and pray for complete restoration in all the areas of our lives,thank you.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
July 5, 2013
My husband was in the hospital last weekend,due to shortness of breath,the doctors took cat scan test and found 2 aneurysm in His aorta,please pray for his lungs to get strong so he can have surgery soon.He's home now waiting for His appointment at the clinic for the 22 of this month,thank you for your prayers.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
June 24, 2013
Please pray for my husband Paul has emphazema and copd we don't have any health insurance,Paul has a job for a company, but business is slow,please pray that work picks up,so He get full time work,also New ideas for ideas for a business of our own.
Chandra L. Post
March 24, 2013
Pastor Brodie,
Please pray the favor of YHWH establish order in my life as I seek wisdom, knowledge and understanding of purpose and position in my life. I walked away from the church for all the violence I saw and experienced but never from God the Father. I desire fellowship and guidance from a pastor and have none. Please pray the Father will lead me to HIS house and I may trust my children's spiritual growth and development within the structure of the Word of YHWH. Selah.
Samuel C. Post
February 17, 2013
Dear Pastor Brodie,
Please pray for my family and I wishing us good health. Last week I was playing basketball and hurt my back and now I'm taking it easy just staying around my house nursing my injury.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 26, 2013
Dear Pastor Brodie,
I need a blessing just as sure as I'm born. I am a foster parent in need of a home that I can take care of my children in. Currently I am paying $1,400 per mth for a home that the owner refuses to fix the heating system. Can you help us please.
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