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Shawna P. Post
January 31, 2011
Please pray for Lautrice Turner the enemy is using her mind to battle and destroy her. Also pray for her children, China, Daneisha, Lavaeah, and Daveon also the baby she is carrying.
Lynette B. Post
January 25, 2011
I plead the blood of Jesus that all of my brothers and sisters and neices and nephews will come into Christ. I pray that they will come to know and understand the power of the blood of the lamb. I pray that my brother will find resources to help him transition back into society after being released from prison after six years. Thank you Lord, Amen.
Michael C. Post
January 22, 2011
Dear Pastor Mannie Brodie,
How are you? I used to attend your church a while ago. I enjoy your church very much. I found one that is closer to my home to attend that is affiliated with yours. I still though consider you as my pastor since I listen to your cds and every chance I get on the radio. Would you please pray for my father Raymond Cook for healing. He has a cyst in his pancreas region near his stomach that the doctors are concerned about. I have also heard that others are in him, but they are benign cysts. He has had trouble eating, because when he does his stomach burns. Please feel free to call him and talk to him at 951-780-7046. You can tell him that his son Michael referred you. Please be very sensitive, because he likes his privacy and he may be a little upset that I am writing you. I just think that if you pray for him that everything will turn out fine. He also enjoys Pastor Fredrick KC Price. When I was younger and living at home we used to watch him every Sunday. Thank you so very much!!!!
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