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Keith J. Post
March 27, 2012
Hello, and my name is Keith James. I would like to submit a special prayer request for the safe return of my family back to CA. We were former members of Principles of Faith around 2000-2005, and I just hope and pray that the ministry is as strong as when I attended. I look forward to being back in the ministry with Pastor Brodie. I hope and pray that all your prayers are answered, and make that which you believe possible in the name of Jesus, according to His will and glory.
Osunji M. Post
February 28, 2012
I Would like to say a prayer for my daughter Imoye. That she is healed and comes home soon to her family.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 24, 2012
I would like to submit a special prayer request for Felicity. That she may be healed by Jesus Stripes according to 1 Peter2:24. I also would like to put in a special prayer request for Imoye Francis. May she also be healed by the stripes of Jesus and returned home soon to her family.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
January 7, 2012
Please keep my family up in prayer as we are having it hard right now.
Sylvia Y. Post
January 1, 2012
Just wanted to say Happy New Years Pastor,God bess you.
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 31, 2011
Please pray for me and my family in the new year of 2012 we would like to continue to grow closer togeather and no worries of money in 2012 and a good career and a home for me and my family. Happy new year. god bless!!!! April
Anonymous Anonymous Post
December 24, 2011
Unity & Peace in America, ecspecially the I.E.

Lashaunda W. Post
September 26, 2011
Hello & God Bless!!My name is Lashaunda.I am not a member, and have not yet visited your services.My child however attends The new academy at your Beautiful church.I am requesting a prayer for myself and my family.I have lost alot if not most of my hours at work, and facing the potential loss of our residence. I am trying so very hard to maintain and even search for further employment,but due to my underlying illnessess, this is very hard sometimes.I was diagnosed with Lupus in September of last year.I do not pity myself, let my daughter see me down.I just try so very hard to make things better.I am believing in God's healing in both my health and finances.I know that there is strength in the prayer of many. So I am asking that you please lift myself and my family up in prayer.I thank you in advance for your blessings.God bless and keep you always!!
Doyle G. Post
August 14, 2011
over all prayer for my family
Anonymous Anonymous Post
February 8, 2011
Please pray for me and my children that we soon find residence in rialto, Fontana or one of the surrounding cities all our own where we can be closer to church, school and our other necessities. I also am seeking prayer to find employment in the area that will work with my school hours and benefit from my character and educational contribution. I also ask for prayer for the relationship of my family. i pray that Satan is bound and none of his tricks or schemes work to destroy us any further and that we all start on the healing process remembering that one is not better than the other. But most importantly I pray tat the Lord's will will be done through us, to us and all around us!

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